What Are the Best Casual Dating Sites?

With so many dating platforms to choose from, dating can feel like an impossible task. We appreciate the diversity of dating sites now, however, some guidance is needed when knowing where to start.

We’ve got you covered! We have scoured the net and found the best casual dating sites on the market. All you need to do now is sit back, learn and decide which ones to try.

We will include a star rating under each review, so don’t worry if you’re short on time and you just want the quick answer. We’ve got this for you! Let’s dive not the world of adult casual daters and see what we can find.

Are Casual Dating Sites Safe?

Before you embark on the journey of casual dating, you’ll be wondering if it’s all safe. Yes, 100%! Dating sites can’t become this successful without being legitimate. Try to banish worries like this and think about what you want.

However, if you desire further comfort, then here are things to look out for to avoid scammers or fake profiles.

  • Old pictures or no pictures.
  • Lack of information on their profile.
  • Neverending tries to get your bank details.

Keep an eye out for these things, and you should be safe from the scammers/misusers of online casual dating. Although, the sites we’ve found for you are the best of the bunch, so you have nothing to worry about!


onenightfriend casual

With hundreds of thousands of registered adult members, this dating site is perfect for those of us seeking quick flings. OneNightFriend makes it easy for singles to effortlessly find hook-ups nearby without the stress of others thinking it’s more. Their members are from all walks of life, so you’ll be spoiled for choice on their casual dating site!

The free features on their site include profile creation, viewing other profiles, browsing the landing page of singles, advanced search features, and sending winks to other members. If this isn’t enough for you, then they have three premium plans to choose from. One month for $39, 3 months for $65.70, and 6 months for $106.20. Not bad, considering the success of the website!


benaughty casual

This casual dating site has over 500,000 members with over 10 million monthly visits, making it in the big leagues for today’s rundown of best sites. Their members are diverse and come from a varied range of backgrounds, ages, and sexual preferences. You’ll have to spend some time working out which singles to hook-up with first.

Benaughty isn’t stingy when it comes to offering free features. Before paying, you can benefit from features such as sending winks to other members, adding people to your favorites list, sending flirtcasts, and seeing who’s online now. After this, you have four options for payment. One day costs $1.36, 1 week $14.33, 1 month $44.10 and 3 months $96.45. Middle of the range for competing casual dating sites.


ebonyflirt casual

Made primarily for singles seeking black partners, this casual dating site has over 150,000 members from the US and hundreds from across the globe. The site has a gender ratio of 57% men and 43% women, so ladies will have quite a few to choose from. Men, you’ll need to work a little harder to get her attention!

If you’re considering checking this casual dating site out, then here are the free features to expect: instant messaging, advanced search features, use of the like gallery, and the chance to promote your profile to other members. Like what you’re hearing? There are 4 payment plans to access the rest!

  1. One day for $1.36
  2. One week for $14.33
  3. One month for $44.10
  4. 3 months for $96.45


flirt casual

One of the most popular on our list, Flirt has over 1 million worldwide members with a high member activity rate to match it! The typical age range of this casual dating site is 20-35, with a gender proportion of 60% women to 40% men. Flirt caters to singles who want casual flings; however, they work great for people who want serious relationships. No matter your preference, Flirt has you covered!

You can enjoy some free features, including the creation of your profile, sending winks to fellow singles, flicking through the like gallery, sending flirtcasts, and applying advanced search filters. From there, you can pay for full membership, choosing from one of their 4 plans. One day for $1.36, 1 week for $14.33, 1 month for $44.10 and 3 months for $96.4.


iamnaughty casual

This casual dating site is perfect for hook-ups, quick flings, and flirty encounters. With thousands of members already on there, there’s a lot to choose from!

The adult site has a majority of heterosexual middle-aged male members, however, there’s a lesbian/ gay side presence. With a gender proportion of 48% women and 52% men, it seems that the ladies need to get signing up to fish in a big pond!

What free features do they offer? Advanced search functions, unlimited likes on other profiles, exploring other profiles, and seeing main photos. Not many, although it gives you an insight into the type of casual dating site it is. They offer 3 different payment plans, which are as follows:

  1. 1 month = $44.11
  2. 3 months = $96.46
  3. 6 months = $118.72

Do’s and Don’ts of Casual Dating

Now that you’ve seen the casual dating sites on the market, you’ll be exploring adult singles and dates with them. Here’s a quick crash course on the do and don’ts of casual dating!

Know it’s casual. There’s nothing worse than getting attached to someone for it to come crashing down. Always keep in mind that this is casual and unlikely to go further than hook-ups or dates.Get caught up in the moment. The date may be going well, and romance could be in the air, but bring yourself back down to earth. If you feel a deeper connection, then this is worth a conversation with your date. Do you both want more?
Keep things cheap. If you two aren’t going to commit, then there’s no point spending the big bucks. Keep things cheap and easy to avoid waste.Cast your net too wide. Looking in multiple places for singles to hook-up with can make your life harder. It will require more work and if you don’t have time for this, keep things simple.
Be honest. While you don’t want to disappoint, neither will your date. Always be upfront about your expectations and what you’re seeking.Share too much. If you’re going to know anyone for a short period, then it’s not worth giving too much of yourself. Keep the conversations light and try to avoid sending explicit pictures.
Date local. Together with keeping things cheap, if you start dating out of your area, then your cost of travel and food will go up. Date close to home to avoid the extra cost.Forget the big picture. Always keep in mind what sort of relationship you would like one day. If you want a happy marriage, then be careful with how much time you spend casual dating.
Have a type. While it’s great to explore, and we encourage this, have a base type. This will aid the hunting process and will make your life easier in the long run.

Casual Date Tips

If casual dating is a new adventure for you, or this is a refresher course, then some quick date tips wouldn’t go amiss. There’s a range of things we could tell you, but to keep it simple, we’ve trimmed it down to 5 crucial tips.

Remember these, and you’ll be good to go and be prepared to face any possible situation at any dating site.

  1. Date yourself first. It can be fun to have strings of hook-ups with strangers or to have flirty dates with men/ women. However, if you don’t have a strong grasp on who you want to date, then you could get lost in the sea of people.
  2. Be honest about expectations and boundaries. Casual dating is successful because people acknowledge that it’s not forever. Always be honest with others on dating sites as to what you’re looking for to avoid any disappointment.
  3. Remember to have fun! Above all else, this should be a fun and exciting experience for you! Keep in mind the practicality of it but also allow yourself to let your hair down.
  4. Try new things! Casual dating, if not anything else, is the perfect opportunity to test your sexuality. Our beautiful modern world has made it a better place for sexual exploration, so feel free to utilize this!
  5. Be present. Just because you’re not going to marry your hypothetical adult partner doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be mentally present on the dates. You can learn a lot from others by listening, so do this and see what you encounter!