Best Dating Apps For Couples

Are you seeking for more excitement in your relationship? The great news is there are a good number of adult couple dating sites that exceeds expectations. You simply need to register for free and begin your adventure for a polyamory affair.

Once you find a third person in your relationship, you and your lover achieves optimum emotional and physical satisfaction that rocks your world. And good thing is, you can enjoy casual sex with other people as a couple without the sense of cheating. Plus, allowing other people into your dating experience heightens your trust and passion for each other.

Are Dating Apps For Couples Looking For A Third Safe?

Generally, couple dating sites are safe. However, you need to sign up at the best platforms that offer utter security. Keep in mind that online dating is a fun journey that does not require your personal information. You only need to be an adult to register to one or all of the best hookup sites in the world.

Fortunately for you, we have compiled the top five sites that are safe to use. These platforms uses strong encryption and have privacy policies in place to ensure safe virtual experience. So finding a third person in your relationship is absolutely secure. is one of the best adult couple dating site for people looking for a third. There are over 9 million users of this site, where majority are women. It is free to sign up at this dating platform, but to take full advantage of the app features, you would need to upgrade your membership.

You have the choice to opt for a one day trial for only $0.99. Afterwards, choose between a one month subscription for $27.01, or three months membership at $15.15 per month. There is also a six months subscription for $12.24 per month.

benaughty site is one of the most populous online dating sites in the world. It contains more than 90 million members, with women dominating the site at 60%, and men at only 40%. With the free registration, you can choose to sign up as a couple. This makes it easier to find a third person in your relationship. But to send messages, you must upgrade to premium. In Gold Membership, three options are $40 for 1 month, $81 for 3 months, and $240 for 12 months. Couple dating with a third is pricey here, but unquestionably worth it.

FriendFinder-X site


Feeld is an ideal couple dating platform for people who are into kinks, fetishes, BDSM, polyamory, polygamy, threesomes, and more. There are more than 2 million users on site, which comprises of 70% men and 30% women. The registration is free, and you gain access to free messaging, search filter, and profile liking. However, if you want more limitless access, sign up for an upgrade. There are only two choices with a Majestic Membership, which are $15.99 for one month, and $10.66 every month for three months. With any membership, couple dating with a third is fantastic.

Feeld site


3Somer is a dating app that is perfect for any couple looking for a third party to indulge in a threesome. The app is free to download through the App Store or Google Play, with a seamless registration process. It is important to note that the membership base of this platform has not reached millions yet, and they are about 20,000 only. But the good news is this app is comprised of dedicated swingers, couples, and users who are not into traditional dating. As a couple, there will always be members interested to join your sexual adventures.

3Somer site is one of the most trusted online dating platforms for the couple and single population. It is easier to search for a third person through this app, especially since there are more than 50 million users. Men are at 65% here, while women are at 35%. The best thing about this site is the free registration and messaging. As a couple, you can choose to stay free members, or opt for an A-List Basic Subscription, A-List Premium Subscription, or Boost. With an upgrade to paid membership, you can take full advantage of online dating without limits.

OKCupid site

Do’s and Don’ts Of Dating For Married Couples

Now that you know which couple dating sites are the best in the industry, it is time find out the things you need to do in order to have a successful romantic relationship with a twist. For a threesome to work, there needs to be ground rules, and you also need to be aware of the things you should avoid.

As a couple, you are bringing another person into your relationship. This aspect could be scary, but definitely thrilling and super fun. Let us explore the do’s and don’ts of this kind of lifestyle.


  • have a voice in the situation. No matter who is the dominant one in the relationship, you both need to have a say about everything, such as the process of searching for a third, choosing the third, when to have the real-world sexual adventure, and more.
  • genuinely agree to have a third. If one partner is not into a threesome, then it is better to not do it. You both need to agree to this lifestyle for things to work efficiently.
  • express your true emotions. Threesomes only work well when every participant is open about their feelings. Be open, honest, and direct about your feelings.


  • look at the third person as a competition. As a human adult, it is quite natural to feel jealousy. But thanks to an open relationship, couples are able to eliminate this emotion. And so it is crucial not see the third person as a competition.
  • do any comparison between you as a couple and the third person. Rather, look at the third as someone who brings additional joy and excitement to your relationship.
  • harbor ill feelings towards the third person or with each other. Instead, treat your unique dating experience as something that strengthens your bond as a couple.

Date Tips For For Couples Looking For A Third

As a couple looking for a third lover in the relationship, you are aware of the challenges of a threesome adventure. But since you have decided to pursue this thrilling lifestyle, you can surely benefit from the most valuable tips of couple dating with a third party involved.

  • Agree on a threesome adventure – of course, you cannot have a third lover if your main partner does not succumb to your idea. The decision must be mutual for things to work, so have a long talk with your partner before you dive into this lifestyle.
  • Choose the best adult couple dating site – it is absolutely convenient to find a third person through the virtual dating scene. But opt for the best platform in order to find quality matches and stay safe while using the site.
  • Make a list of physical & personality traits of a third – talk to your partner about the kind of third lover you want in your relationship. It is crucial to have the same desires, or you can compromise.
  • Consider the need of each partner – you may agree on a threesome, but your partner and the third person could have different sexual needs. Listen to what each of them has to say about their sex fantasies.
  • Prioritize your main partner – No matter how good it is to have a third, always make your partner the first priority. The third lover is temporary. Your partner is forever.

You now have all the tools to find a third person and make the threesome relationship work. All you have to do is sign up at the best online dating sites and start your quest for an additional lover. Good news is, the registration is free. So embrace this way of life and have super fun.

Start enjoying threesomes today through the best dating sites for couples!