Polyamory Dating Sites Portland

The thrilling lifestyle of polyamory dating for the responsible adult population is unequivocally exhilarating. The fact is, many polyamorous relationships actually lasts longer compared to the monogamous ones. This is mainly because in polyamory dating, honesty is a vital aspect of the affair.

There is no need to hide your desire for other people, and you both enjoy sexual exploits with other individuals. And to clear the way for your invigorating lifestyle, the best five online dating sites are always ready to welcome you. Plus, the registration is free. Once you sign up, create profile and start exploring new lovers.

Are Polyamory Dating Sites Safe In Portland?

If you are new to the polyamory online dating world, then it is okay to question the safety of the hookup sites. And you are right to do so, since not all virtual platforms care so much about the security of the users. Fortunately, there are five outstanding virtual dating sites that you can trust and rely on for your polyamory adventure.

These platforms are extremely safe, and all the personals are legit. Though there are a small number of fake profiles, they are not a threat. You can always block suspicious members or send a message to the moderators.


Flirt.com is a quintessential polyamory dating platform designed for the consenting adult population to come together and seek for multiple lovers. With nearly 500,000 users consisting of 60% females and 40% males, you definitely have an opportunity to indulge in a polyamory dating adventure. Your free membership allows you to meet matches, search for members, and send five messages only. But with a premium subscription, you have full features access. Simply upgrade to either one month for $28.80, or go for three months for $48.60. Trust that your transaction is safe, and the payment appears as fenums.com.

flirt site


FriendFinder-X.com is an expensive online dating platform that is extremely efficient in helping users find fulfillment of their innermost sexual desires. The monthly subscription starts at $40 for one month, $81 for three months, and $240 for one year. But, despite the cost, the over 90 million members are super happy with the results of their search for polyamory partners. This platform consists of 60% females and 40% males, and all profiles are legit. Your passion for polyamory dating is surely supported by the site, and in a daily basis you can meet over 100,000 active members.

FriendFinder-X site


Feeld is an extraordinary dating app that offers free access to vital features and tools to allow members to explore a polyamory lifestyle. This site has 70% male members and 30% female users, which amount to more than 27 million users from all over the world. All the profiles are legit, with zero bots on the app. The free registration paves the way to messaging so you cam communicate right away with your matches. However, it is still a good idea to opt for a Majestic Membership for one month at $15.99, or 3 months for $31.99.

Feeld site


3Somer is a great online dating app that is designed for people interested in threesome, as well as in polyamory lifestyle. It is free to download this app through Google Play or the App Store. The list of members vary per state, which are: California has 4,436 users, New York at 3,987, Texas with 2,347 users, Florida has 2,253 members, Illinois at 1,476, Pennsylvania with 1,055 members, Massachusetts at 895 users, New Jersey with 854, North Carolina has 763 members, and Michigan only has 716 users. The number is small, but all members are for multiple lovers.

3Somer site


OKCupid.com is an amazing adult dating site that is ideal for a polyamory manner of living. The 50 million plus members are searching for love, romance, casual hookups, and a third, fourth, or beyond number of lovers for optimum sexual gratification. Men reign on the site at 65%, while women are at 35%. As a free member, you have access to messaging, matchmaking, searches, and can even keep score of the profiles you liked. But if you want to know who likes you, then you better upgrade to a premium membership to make your dating experience seamless.

OKCupid site

Do`s and Don’s Of Polyamory Dating In Portland

As you well know, polyamory dating often involves three, four, five, or even more adult people in one relationship. The higher the number of individuals in the mix, the higher the chances of misunderstandings, and even fights. That is why it is essential to learn about the do’s and don’ts of a polyamory lifestyle, so your exciting dating experience is smooth.


  • support one another. Dating multiple partners can be hard, but the fun is greater so you engage in this lifestyle. For your relationship to work, there must be support from each lover towards the others.
  • set boundaries. In polyamory dating, it is vital to draw the lines in the relationship. If you have a main partner, then always have time to cultivate your bond, and only allow the other lovers to join when you are in mutual agreement with your special someone.
  • explore sexual fantasies. All members of your polyamory circle have their own personal sex fantasies. Make sure that every desire is met, each innermost passion is fulfilled, and all sexual reveries are performed.


  • use polyamory as a relationship fixer. Dating other people in order to fix whatever problem you have in your relationship is wrong. Only indulge in a polyamorous lifestyle if your heart is truly into it.
  • resent other lovers in the relationship. Get jealousy out of your system and welcome other people into your circle with open arms and heart. So be good to all your sensual lovers always. Avoid resentment at all times.
  • neglect one partner. If you have more than two partners, then treat them equally. Most especially, never make one lover feel neglected. Handle your affair with grace and make each lover happy. It would be a challenge especially if your have many partners, but it is definitely worth it.

Date Tips For For Polyamorous In Portland

A polyamory dating way of life is like a thrilling adventure that you can never get enough of. It can be addicting to date multiple people at the same time, not to mention overwhelmingly pleasurable. Fortunately, there are reliable polyamory dating sites that can match you up with hundreds of adult personals. But before you explore the polyamory lifestyle further, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Always have an open communication – the trick to have a successful polyamorous relationship is to always be open. Never keep secrets, and say what you feel and think all the time, no matter the consequences.
  • Allow your lovers to welcome other people in the relationship – if your lovers seek for other partners, then let them. Welcome the new addition with an open mind. This shows respect to the decision of your partners.
  • Be considerate of the needs of your partners – though you have the same lifestyle, you and your partners have different sexual desires. Be considerate and work on fulfilling their individual sinful pleasures.
  • Do not take sides – fights can never be avoided entirely in a relationship, especially with multiple players. But if your lovers disagree on something, do not take sides. Be the peacemaker, and listen to each one.
  • Practice time management – it is not easy juggling multiple lovers. So make sure that you give equal time to all your partners.

Having more than one partner is not a walk in the park, but it is worth all the trouble. Your heart is big enough to accommodate multiple people, and you certainly have the passion for such a manner of living. So go ahead and embark on a polyamorous adventure. Begin your exploit with a free registration at the best online dating platforms in Portland.

Enjoy a polyamorous relationship today by registering for free!