BeyondTwo Review

As interest in polyamorous dating grows, BeyondTwo is one of the dating platforms offering men and women opportunities to explore multi-partner relationships. But is it your best bet if you’re the newest member of the polyamory club?

Summary of BeyondTwo Poly Dating Site

At first glance, BeyondTwo is a great polyamory dating platform since it is entirely free of charge without any upgrade options. That said, we found the design very off-putting, with small fonts, broken links, and an old-fashioned interface without any kind of personality or vibrancy we expect from contemporary dating platforms.

If you’re dabbling in poly dating and have some time to fill out the (very long-winded!) registration form, it’s a potential option, and the lack of a subscription is appealing if you’re on a budget.

However, in terms of value for money and access to an app-based site, we would be likely to select a premium poly dating site that offers a little more excitement, perhaps some poly-style dating games, and a more atmospheric user experience.

Typical BeyondTwo Users

You can find a wide variety of users on this polyamorous dating platform. So, it can feel challenging to connect with the people you’re interested in or send messages directly with the majority of communications through forums and group chats.

Members include:

  • Families and parenting partners
  • Single individuals
  • Men and women in existing poly relationships
  • All age groups – although predominantly from the mid-30s and upwards.

There are search options to use, which means you can narrow down your potential matches, but these do seem a little hit and miss.

Profile Quality on BeyondTwo

The bonus when it comes to BeyondTwo profiles is that if you’re joining as one of several users who are in an existing relationship and looking for polyamorous lovers to join you, each person can create their own individual profile.

This makes it simpler to browse people, rather than being presented with formed couples or poly triads that perhaps don’t fit with the users you’d like to meet.

One thing to bear in mind is the extensive sign-up process; every new member needs to complete a full list of personal details before using the site – which means that you can see plenty of information about each member but also need to disclose lots of private information to join!

  • Location details
  • Comprehensive details about current relationships
  • Gender identities for every poly dating partner
  • Appearance
  • Occupation
  • Children
  • Income
  • User photo

The depth of detail makes us nervous – particularly for a free website!

Is a Free Account on Beyond Two Worth Using?

It’s got to be said that, even when users can connect with poly singles without any cost, this platform’s quality has to be called into question. Having free search features is fantastic, but the design is so outdated it feels like an old MySpace account layout.

Perhaps the forums make BeyondTwo a viable option for a free membership in addition to a more advanced service, and this is undoubtedly a great way to learn more about the polyamorous dating community and how members interact.

All told, a free of charge service is a positive, but if you’re expecting premium perks and a smooth journey, this probably isn’t the right choice for you.

Premium Extras for Poly Dating Members

Unfortunately, you won’t find any premium extras on BeyondTwo, since the site is free and all about expanding access to polyamory dating opportunities.

That said, free membership includes access to member searches, group searches, forums, advice guides, and videos of other members.

Costs and Discounts for BeyondTwo Premium Accounts

BeyondTwo doesn’t cost anything to join as a free platform – but watch out for pop-ups and strange ads, which you’d expect from a freebie website!

Users can visit a classified section, which can vary in content.

Safety settings and profile privacy are all controlled under your account profile, although it might take a while to get used to finding out how to access that page!

How Does BeyondTwo Help Members Try Out Poly Dating?

Poly dating is about mutual, consensual partnerships with multiple people at once, and there is no correct way to structure that multi-person relationship!

One of the benefits of BeyondTwo is that it offers several resources, mostly questions, and information posted by other users:

  • How polyamory works and how to get started.
  • Advice about group dating for first-timers
  • Forums
  • Events
  • Group and member searches

Using user-generated content is a good call, particularly given that there doesn’t seem to be revenue driven by this site (perhaps aside from paying to attend events?).

The downside is that where questions have been sent in by users, rather than created by site admin to provide user information, the quality and relevance of that content can be hit and miss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer the most commonly asked questions about BeyondTwo membership!