Downdating Review: Does This App Truly Work?

With a user base closer to that of well-known (yet still niche) lesbian dating sites than major hookup apps like Tinder, you might be left wondering if Downdating is even worth signing up for. We had this same thought: however, after giving the service a try, we definitely think it’s a great, upcoming contender in the online hookup world!


Downdating is a free dating app that is available on both iOS and Android devices. It appears that there used to be a desktop version as well; however, we were unable to find one during this review. This application functions as both a dating & a hookup app, but the majority of people using this site appear to be more interested in hooking up than getting hitched.

Still, it can be used for either, and its unique swiping system allows you to let other singles know exactly what your intentions are without even sending them a message. Swiping up lets them know you’d like to date, whereas swiping down says you’re “down” to f*ck.

Membership isn’t a necessity but does provide some useful features like unlimited swipes, profile boosts, the ability to see who’s liked you, and the ability to message someone without needing to match first.

Downdating main page

What Users Does This Service Have?

Unsurprisingly for a (mainly) hookup app, the majority of Downdating users are younger singles, although you can still find middle-aged members if you look hard enough. As mentioned above, the user base of Downdating isn’t the largest, but the site still has over 7 million members, giving members a fair shot at finding a match.

Women using the site will definitely have a great shot at finding a date or hookup quickly, as there are plenty of attractive men on Downdating. Sadly, the site doesn’t really allow for any specific partner searching, meaning the only search criteria you’ll have to search through members is their age, location, and gender.

Profile Quality

You can definitely tell that this app is designed to cater more towards hookups and less towards serious dating when you take a look at the profile layout. Very little information is provided beyond a person’s name and age; most of what you’ll learn about them is from their choice in photos!

Downdating members can choose to provide a short blurb about themselves on their profiles, but since this is optional, there’s a 50/50 chance that this section will be left blank. If they didn’t provide any additional information, the last page of their profile will read, “😉 Couldn’t find the bio, such a mysterious person.”

Free Account on Downdating

Although Downdating itself isn’t an entirely free service, the essential functions you’ll need to find a date or a hookup are available in free mode. After downloading the app, anyone can sign up for free (which takes only a couple of minutes!).

Once you’ve logged in, you can start using the Downdating swiping feature, which lets other members know what you’d like to meet them for (dating or hookups), depending on which direction you swipe. You’ll get 10 of these “Matches” per day, and you’ll need to match with someone before you can chat. You also get access to a limited number of “Snap Matches,” which match you up with a random Downdating user anywhere in the world.

Premium Extras

If you’re a serial dater or hookup enthusiast, then a premium Downdating membership will definitely be worth your while. The main benefit of a premium membership comes from the unlimited matches feature, which allows you to swipe through as many users as you want.

You’ll also be able to send them a message without needing to match, making it much easier to get a date (or hookup). Downdating premium members have unlimited use of the “Snap Match” feature and can also set a specific location for their searches, which could be helpful if you’re traveling but still want to hook up with someone. As expected, you can also see which Downdating members liked you back!

Costs and Discounts

Interestingly enough, Downdating only offers a monthly plan (no extended plans are available), but we were happy to see that it wasn’t a massive ripoff like on many comparable services. Premium Downdating membership will cost you $19.99 every 30 days, which we think is fair.

However, if you’re on the fence, Downdating offers a seven-day free trial to help you determine if the premium is the way to go. If you decide to keep your membership, you’ll save $3 off of your first month of a premium subscription. Alternatively, you can purchase profile boosts and “nearby picks” as standalone bonuses instead of full membership.

Using Downdating For Poly Dating

Downdating may not be the best option if you’re looking for serious personal relationships, but for hookups, it will work great! To join, you simply need to download the Downdating app then open it up. Currently, you can join using your Google account, Facebook account, or phone number.

The amount of additional information you’ll need to provide depends on which signup method you choose. Once your account is all set up, you can start browsing through potential matches, swiping “Up” if you’re interested in dating that individual and “Down” if you’d simply like to hook up. But there’s no automatic option for finding polyamorous individuals, and you’ll have to ask your matches about their treatment of poly relationships yourself.


Is Downdating a Trusted Service?

Yes! The service itself may be relatively new, but over seven million users have had success finding partners online using the app so far.

How Many People Use Downdating?

The last recorded membership count was seven million users; however, this app is constantly expanding, so this number goes up by the hour!

Can I Join Downdating for free?

Yes, you can! Simply find the app in your mobile device’s app store, download the app, then sign up using a Google account, Facebook account, or phone number.