Top Lesbian Polyamory Sites in the US

Polyamory is an exciting new way to date and find romance and love with multiple partners! Let’s check out the best lesbian polyamory sites, compare all the pros and cons, and discover what they each have to offer. Let’s dive in!

The Ultimate Polyamory Lesbian Platform at

lesbiedates lesbian polyamory is designed exclusively for independent women looking for a lesbian open relationship or a committed poly romance with other singles in the lesbian community. The relationship preferences are fixed as women looking for women, so you won’t find any sneaky guys trying to catch a glimpse of hot gay women here! We love for unicorn dating since it allows members freedom over what sort of matches they’d like to meet, with dedicated poly dating chat rooms to help you find local singles and discover polyamorous lesbians looking for new lovers.
  • Online dating and matchmaking.
  • Search for unicorn lesbians to complete a poly triad.
  • Open, inclusive, and women-only networking platform.
  • Free membership options, with exclusive perks for premium users.
  • Advanced searches, with poly-friendly terms and preferences.
All in all, a top-rated site for polyamorous lesbians looking for thrills and spills, without the spammers or hassle. – Unique Lesbian Polygamy Dating

naughtydate lesbian polyamory
Next up, we’re visiting, another excellent platform for polyamorous lesbian relationships! With a more casual twist than, this platform has a variety of premium packages and outstanding security. There are all sorts of top features to make poly dating a breeze:
  • Five free chats for every new member, even on a basic membership.
  • Set your preferences in your account, detailing that you’re looking for lesbian poly women.
  • Use the search function for free to browse lesbian singles in your area.
The great advantage of in polyamorous love is that it has dedicated unicorn dating pages and chat rooms – whether you’re looking for a steamy girls-only triad or a long-term commitment from a romantic lady! With private chats, unlimited messaging for premium members, and upgrades from as little as $0.99 per day for a three-day trial, the possibilities are endless!

Is a Good Lesbian Polyamory Platform?

polyamorydate lesbian polyamory
For our third and final introduction, is another option for lesbian singles looking for poly dates. It’s important to note that this platform is all about no-strings-attached trysts, so while it does cater to polyamory couples, it is not the right place for genuine relationships or romance. Some non-monogamous couples have reported that the site is full of singles looking for notches on their belts, so if you have love and intimacy in mind, look elsewhere!
  • Messaging is private, but premium so you will need to subscribe to send direct contacts.
  • The site is all about poly dates, so you’re likely to find a wide range of users.
  • Profiles can be created for groups, couples, or individuals.
  • Watch out for spam messages – unfortunately, they do exist, and some escorts have been known to manipulate the site to secure paying clients.

Polyamorous Lesbian Relationships

Poly relationships are all about multiple members living or loving together in harmony, honesty, and understanding. Polyamorous lesbians want to have a life with numerous partners, ranging in total numbers – and each lesbian polyamory group is different. You might find lesbian polyamory relationships with one primary couple and an occasional third partner, or three lesbian polyamorous women all living together as a poly triad. In other groups, different structures apply, and some poly women choose to get married (as one couple) or commit to one another for life in another ceremonial way. One thing that should be clear is that lesbian polyamory isn’t cheating, threesomes, or casual dates. While, of course, polyamory lesbians might enjoy a hookup from time to time, poly relationships are as substantial and faithful as any other – although to more than one partner at a time. Suppose you’re interested in learning more about lesbian polyamory. In that case, a great start is to explore the world of polyamorous dating, ask as many questions as you like, and discover how different poly lesbians make their relationship style work for them!

How to Find a Unicorn Girl for a Lesbian Couple

So, you’ve decided you’d like a sexual hookup with a unicorn girl and are in a happy lesbian non-monogamous relationship. Where do you look for a third to complete your triad?
  1. Register at the poly dating site of your choosing – we recommend as the best option!
  2. Create a username and profile with details about what you’re seeking. The best profiles are populated with clear photos, information, and preferences, so take your time to let other users know what sexual encounters you are looking for.
  3. Always be clear that you are a polyamorous couple – it’s best to avoid any misunderstandings!
  4. Be mindful of site user rules. That means not posting nude or erotic images, avoiding foul language, being respectful of other poly dating users, and abiding by site membership rules. A good rule of thumb is to send one invitation or message to a profile you like the look of and wait for a response.
  5. Have fun with searches and matching recommendations – if you keep an open mind about what sort of girl you’d like to meet, you might be surprised at the diverse variety of members out there!


Let’s work through the most commonly asked questions about lesbian poly dating – and how girl on girl poly relationships make it work!