5 Ways to Find a Woman for a Couple 

how to find woman for couple

As a couple, you’ve ultimately decided to look for a girlfriend you can have fun and play with. The problem is you don’t know where to start or how to find willing women. Luckily, we have checked and come up with places where it is easy to find such women. 

Couple’s Dating Site

It represents your best chance of finding a good woman suited to your kink. The good thing with dating sites is that you can specify the role you want the woman to play. You can even exclude matches from your immediate local area. The functionality of hookup websites means you can even do background checks like video calls. It can help in checking out the women who are physically suited to your liking. 

Look for a good hookup website offering these services and set up an account. It’s better to do it together as a couple; you can register as a couple on some couples dating sites. Potential matches will know by looking at your profile that you’re a couple seeking a specific kind of woman. In this modern time, hookup websites are the best bet at satisfying one’s kink. There are plenty of sites out there, so make a good choice. 

Social Circle 

The intimacy involved in a threesome means a couple might decide to look closer home for a potential candidate. The social circle of friends offers exactly that. Approaching a friend you’ve known for a while is not as bad as it sounds. Just know your friends well and decide on the one to approach. Don’t go for all of them; otherwise, you’ll have a bad image. Who wants to bang all of their friends?

The problem with this option is it’s a high-risk, high reward combo. Some friends will not entertain them, being a sex tool for you to enjoy. Others can take such an offer in bad taste and cut off ties with you. So it’s selective, and the results are not a guarantee. The good thing if one friend agrees, the threesome will probably be awesome. 

Social Media Groups 

Indeed groups on social media are a great source of finding partners. It is because, on social media, guys talk and discuss X-rated stuff on their closed groups. If you want to join a group of Threesome Couples on Facebook, after a few weeks of interaction, you’ll have a match. Message women you find compatible privately and layout your plan. You can’t pull such a woman to your bedside if you’re dishonest and tricky, so play a clean game. 

If you’re going to use this option, make sure that your social media profile is good enough. Any feeling of bad vibes from your posts or photos could seriously damage your chances. Have good pictures, a decent bio, and don’t make insensitive posts. That way, any woman you approach for a threesome will see you’re a decent man capable of handling two at a time. 

Post Personal Ads 

Some online platforms have personals sections where users can post ads looking for their desired partner. These naughty personal ads are like the ones which Craigslist discontinued. Several platforms have seized the chance to provide such a service to much success. It’s easy to post an ad to find a girl for a couple, among many others. 

Research the site to place your ad and familiarize yourself with the language used in personal ads. For example, M4W means men looking for women, and W4M means women looking for men. There is more of this lingo, and it can be the difference between getting many replies to your ad and getting zero replies to them. Decide on a popular website because it translates to numerous potential options. 

Swingers Clubs 

These clubs are no long the dingy sweaty joints downtown with a stench of fresh sex. Modern swingers clubs are like social nightclubs where people can go and have a good time like normal clubs. There are rooms and tons of optional sex games to play. It’s common to find the wife or girlfriend of one man who wants to be involved with another couple. These upstate swingers clubs are definitely a must-see for a couple who wants to experiment with things sexually. 

Do some background checks on the swingers available in your area to decide which ones fit your desires. Some of them have very dirty deeds going on at all times.