All You Need to Know About How A Polyamorous Relationship Works

When it comes to romance and intimacy, everyone has their tastes and quirks – and a polyamorous relationship is a way to express your freedoms, and live your best life! Let’s take a look at what polyamory is, and how you can have an incredible time with poly lifestyle dating.

What are Poly Relationships?

Traditional partnerships are based on monogamy, and with sexual liberation comes a diverse range of partners, and couples! Polyamory is a type of companionship involving more than your typical two individuals – and makes for a whole new dynamic. If you want to define polyamorous, it is a scenario of non-monogamy where you have multiple intimate partners. This can involve long-term connections, casual dates, or several long-term lovers.

How does Polyamorous Marriage Work?

The critical factor in a successful polyamorous marriage is honesty. This type of relationship isn’t about being able to cheat, or have hot flings with lots of people! It is all about having a clear way of living, which all those involved are comfortable with – and enjoying the freedom to explore your sexuality and take your experiences to a different level. Jealousy doesn’t come into play here; a marriage is a commitment to that person, with a mutual understanding that you are both free to date and be intimate with other people.

Are There Different Types of Polyamory?

As with any romantic preference or lifestyle, there are many ways that being poly can work. The types of polyamory you might come across include:
  • Vee connections – where one person has two separate companions.
  • Triads – where three companions are all intimate with each other.
  • Quad; this is where a family of four partners are acquainted, and may or may not be intimate with each other.
  • Solo Polyamory – less usual, a primary solo partner isn’t keen on being tied down but will let any new partners know that they are poly.

Polyamorous Relationship Meaning

With so many different types, you’ll find a diverse range of folks loving this way of living! There is no right or wrong, and everyone will have their own way of connecting and sharing their passions with their intimate companions and knowing their emotional rights. It is important to remember that no two people are the same, just like any other romance sector!

What is the Polyamorous Lifestyle Like?

When you are in a committed relationship, leading a polyamorous lifestyle means that there are no restrictions on what you can do, who you can date, or when you might be intimate with somebody else. This is based on a foundation of sharing and trust – so it’s not about having secret trysts, but about sharing an open and casual attitude to companions. Partners often love to discuss their intimate lives, which are usually very healthy as a result!

Can I Use Polyamorous Dating Sites?

If you’re intrigued by poly relationships, and want to find out more, or would like to meet like-minded men or women who share your appetites, the best way to connect with guys and girls is through polyamorous dating sites. Romance and intimacy are unique to everyone, and poly dating is just one option if you want to explore your options, and at the same time, be committed to special people who come into your experiences.

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