Intersex Pride Flag

Intersex Pride Flag

The LGBT community is now receiving more exposure than ever especially with intersex dating sites being created; as a result, specific flags have been created in recent years to associate the different sexualities clearly to those familiar with the community and people new to the scene. This had led to the creation of flags such as the intersex pride flag and the LGBT. These enable new people to quickly become immersed in the scene without confusion.

What Does the Intersex Flag Mean?

The age-old question “what does the intersex flag mean?” has been touted by those looking to expand their knowledge base more so than ever recently, so here is the true definition enabling you to be firmly in the know, without any grey areas.

The intersex flag stands boast a bright yellow backdrop with a circle in the center. It was created solely to represent the intersex community, giving everyone the opportunity to embrace their sexuality openly, surrounded by thousands of people with many areas to begin conversations and provide avenues to begin new friendships and interpersonal connections.

Overall, the intersex flag stands for unity, connection, and freedom for all. Members of the community strongly oppose negativity and discrimination, allowing people to always feel safe and comfortable.

With around 1 in 100 people born with variations of intersex conditions, many people are affected globally, creating a potentially huge number of supporters. The intersex community is gaining traction quickly, the group is expanding, and the community is full of positive, supportive people who go the extra mile to give affected people the best quality of life.

Intersex Flag History

The intersex flag was created in 2013 to establish a focal point of the community that doesn’t impede on the societal constructs already in place across the world, particularly in the USA. So, with that in mind, Morgan Carpenter selected the colors yellow and purple as the design for it. These colors are not particularly associated with any one gender; therefore, they’re the ideal choice for the intersex flag as they can gain the most support from all people.

After careful deliberation, Morgan went through with her original design, and it went viral rapidly. The perfect circle featured on it is published in a way to represent the togetherness of the community, giving all members the clear path to embrace the new universal intersex flag.

It was important to create an intersex flag that everyone could relate to, without similar to other LGBT flags; if so, its importance would be greatly lessened overall. With such a unique and design, the flag was destined to be the focal point of the community and go down in history,

Why Is the Intersex Flag Important?

The intersex flag has many different reasons relating to its importance, but none more so than bringing people together in unification, especially from a younger age. The flag offers younger people the chance to embrace their sexuality while they’re developing.

Though sometimes wrong decisions can be made relating to the appropriate gender at birth, children can begin to have the choices necessary to alter their personal development and make them feel “normal”. It’s a very common occurrence for intersex children to become isolated during their early years, with some cases resulting in bullying. It all boils down to a lack of education from both adults and children to better deal with the situation. If better education was implemented, these cases would diminish greatly. In today’s day and age, its simply wrong for people to be isolated due to something they have no control over.

Moving on, having one universal flag is the perfect medium of connecting all kinds of people and support the intersex community as a whole. With such a large following and ample support, discrimination against the community is lessened.

Now that we see the importance of the flag, it begins to make sense why members of the community have such a strong connection and why it has such a large attraction to both men and women. By having such a wide range of new possible supporters, no specific group is isolated from the intersex community creating the perfect breeding ground for finding new supporters and encouraging people to openly embrace their sexuality.

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