Stardew Valley Polyamory Mod

Stardew Valley Polyamory Mod

If you loved Stardew Valley, are into polyamory, and frequently check out the best polyamorous dating sites, then the new Stardew Valley polyamory mod is the perfect mix for you.

Polyamory has begun taking its rightful place at the top of people’s preferences. While it was frowned upon in the past, and people didn’t think this type of relationship could work, now polyamory is at an all-time high. That’s probably why the Stardew Valley Polyamory mod has been launched.

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular games on Stream. It is a farm simulator/RPG witch offer players a lot of freedom. The game lets you build the farm of your dreams as you can grow crops, tend to cute farm animals, and craft all the items you need.

The social system revolves around Pelican Town with more than 30 people. In Vanilla, there are 12 folks which you can date and eventually marry but be careful because these NPCs are not very fond of polyamory and will quickly get jealous.

If you want some adrenaline, you can try exploring some mysterious dungeons where you’ll have to face monsters and get their prized treasures.

The premise of the game is simple. You have inherited a plot in Stardew Valley, and you have to do whatever it takes to build the farm of your dreams while going on adventures and charming town ladies.

The graphics are cartoonish and will surely appeal to nostalgics, while the sound effects bring the whole game to life, being able to bring a smile to every player’s face.

Those who want to break the limits of Stardew Valley can now dabble a bit in the polyamory mod. The game revolves around monogamy in its vanilla form, and the NPCs will get frustrated if you date multiple spouses.

Developed by bwdy and released in the community in 2020, Stardew Valley polyamory allows a lot of freedom while simultaneously changing the whole relationship system of the game. You may now date or marry other villagers even if you’re already married and have multiple roommates all in one place and timeframe.

The Stardew Valley polyamory system also brought several new options for romance because there are now more NPC that can be dated. If you get tired of one or more of your spouses, you have access to an amicable or intricate divorce system to get rid of them.

In the Stardew Valley polyamory mod, your bed can get bigger, and you’ll notice multiple spouses sleep in it at night. The best part is that it also comes with transparent covers, and you can see the cute pajamas of the NPCs.

The game already offered a children system, but it was rather simple and quite limited. When it comes to children, the new polyamory mod allows multiple pregnancies with each partner, and the limit of just two kids from Vanilla has been lifted. Children can now have roommates as the polyamory mod permits more room in the house.

Because your polyamory spouses may get bored, to celebrate Stardew Valley polyamory in the proper manner, your romantic partners may even kiss and make out with each other.

Get involved whenever you want because, in the polyamory system, you can kiss your partners as many times a day you want. All the kissing sounds were improved and replaced with realistic kissing sound effects.

There are two things that haven’t yet been tested in the Stardew Valley polyamory system. One is the fact that now, your existing spouses may even participate at your wedding and even wear their special clothes.

The other is that our main mod can potentially be integrated with the Custom Spouse Patio mod. This other mod supports building custom configurations of the spouse patio.

Lastly, because we are discussing polyamory, your spouse will appear to be happy instead of getting mad when you decide to give presents to other polyamory partners.

Bigger beds, more ways to celebrate love and kiss, and plenty of outstanding changes made to the core game. The Stardew Valley polyamory add-on is truly worth installing, especially if you got bored of the restrictive Vanilla version.