Crucial tips for newbies willing to enter the sex party world

sex party
Whether you are into polyamory dating or want to experiment, sex parties are an excellent starting point. But, what should you expect if you are new in the polyamory dating world? In this post, we share the personal experience of sex party regulars in their 20s.
  • You don’t have to be dating at the moment
You don’t need to be in a relationship to go to a party. As a newbie, I visited most parties together with my friend or a casual partner. This type of parties helped me discover my erotic side and further explore my sexuality.
  • It isn’t all about sex with strangers
Sex parties aren’t all about getting in personal with strangers. In most cases, I ended up playing with the people I came there with. However, this wasn’t a disappointment. Being surrounded by people that have sex does feel exciting, as you can feel the sexual energy going up.
  • Unique atmosphere
To be honest, you don’t have the needed facilities or ambiance at home. Especially if you are into kinks such as BDSM. Be mindful when bringing your partner to sex parties Have a conversation on everything you need in polyamory dating. Make your expectations clear and set your boundaries. Even if you are a monogamous couple, you can enjoy sex with each other without physical contact with others.
  • Create boundaries
Discuss whether you want to have sex with others or touch only. Or establish your own set of limits. Share the things you feel uncomfortable with.
  • Many options available
You can get deep in your sexuality to find out what you like or even indulge in group sex. If you are into watching others or like to be watched by strangers, sex parties will be so exciting for you. Alternatively, you can try new kinks or have sex with the people you came here with. There are many options, so choose what you feel comfortable with.
  • Start conversation
I prefer to get started with a simple conversation and see where things go. Don’t hesitate to suggest the specific things you want and expect no.
  • Go private
Not everyone feels relaxed when others observe. When I’m not too fond of the awkward stares, I reserve a private area in the club. Sex parties aren’t all about exhibitionism.
  • Find safe parties
Find a safe event that takes all precautions. Polyamory dating should be comfortable for everyone, so check the club’s rules to find out more. Many forbid smartphones, drugs, alcohol, and have bodyguards so that things don’t escalate.
  • Ask friends
If finding clubs is difficult, ask like-minded friends of recommendation. Some parties are invite-only, so use your contacts to get there.
  • Don’t set expectations too soon
Be ready for anything, and don’t set your expectations high. Things don’t work that way, so don’t set any expectations. Go there with the purpose of having fun and meeting new people.
  • Be respectful
Usually, I go through the complete rule list on the club’s website. Here they explain what you should and shouldn’t do.
  • Mind the dress code
Assume a strict dress code that excludes casual outfits. If you aren’t dressed according to their strict regulations, you might be denied entry.
  • Ask for consent
Back in the days, I went to parties with drug abuse and violent men, where consent was a huge problem. Nowadays, it is all about making everyone feel comfortable. Don’t get distracted by the visuals, and always ask for permission for any action.
  • Try kinks
If you have specific preferences, go on and try. Whether your fantasy is gang bang or having masked voyeurs watching, parties will spice up the sex life.
  • Explore new things
Didn’t feel comfortable going there, but my curiosity made me do it. I went with my friends to feel more comfortable there.
  • Voyeurism and exhibitionism heat the atmosphere
Being observed by other guests is a turn-on. The voyeurism element is also present, so I wouldn’t give up these societies. This is a unique erotic experience that you can’t find anywhere else. No matter your motivation to join, these communities are open-minded and welcoming for everyone. These important tips by experienced people will help you navigate through the lifestyle and fulfill your wishes. In case you don’t feel like approaching people, you can always try looking for like-minded couples or singles online.

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