Unicorn Polyamory

Unicorn Polyamory

Unicorn polyamory is unique and beautiful when found. It is common in couples that are trying to spice their relationships using an extra partner.

Polyamory Unicorn

A polyamory unicorn is often a bisexual woman. But, a man can also be a unicorn in a gay relationship, though on rare occasions. Usually, a polyamory unicorn joins an existing couple for a triad. The couple is mostly monogamous, and the unicorn should be willing to have a sexual relationship with both partners.

When you are a polyamory unicorn:

  • You should not develop feelings for the couple. The relationship can be called off any time after the couple has achieved its goals.
  • You do not participate in major decisions
  • You are only involved in naughty and casual sexual encounters
  • Some unicorn hunters may prefer living with you
  • Expect having threesomes most of the time with a few couples preferring individual encounters.

Like in polyamorous relationships, communication between the polyamory unicorn and the couple is essential. The woman cannot have sex with other people other than the couple. Also, the couple may decide not to let her know much about them since they are not intimately connected.

However, the poly community ridicules people looking for a polyamory unicorn. They are considered insensitive and misusing her because she has nothing to benefit from the relationship. She gives too much and receives little to nothing in return.

Unicorn Polyamory Definition

The unicorn polyamory definition is a heterosexual couple adding a third person into their relationship. Most couples settle for one person and avoid seeing other people after having a unicorn. The most common place heterosexuals seek them are from a poly community.

It can also involve gays and lesbians. However, it is not as common as with heterosexuals. For the arrangement to work, both partners should be interested in the unicorn and vice versa.

Both new and existing couples can look for a unicorn if they are looking to add more fun in their beds. Being unicorn polyamory can be frustrating and confusing when a couple is new to polyamory. One of the partners may be interested in a triad while the other one in naughty sex alone.

Unicorn in Polyamory

If you are a unicorn in polyamory, you have to give in to the existing couple’s desires. You should not be a threat to dissolving the relationship. If any of the partners feel threatened by your presence in the relationship, you are removed.

You know you are a unicorn in polyamory when:

  • You are a third person required by a couple to add fun in their sex life
  • Heterosexuals are always all over each other even when you are around
  • There is a primary couple spending a lot of intimate time without you
  • You are not included in intimate talks after having a threesome sex

You become a girlfriend to your partners. You should not feel jealous about not being treated equally in the relationship. In some relationships, you can be expected to become a surrogate mother to complete the family, but it does not make you an equal partner.

Unicorn hunters can find amazing women and start dating virtually before letting them into their relationships. It helps in knowing the women better and setting limits on how far they can go in the relationship. Additionally, it is an excellent way for the woman to assess whether she wants to be part of your relationship or not.

Online dating allows mutual agreement between a polyamory unicorn and the couple. Unicorns can refuse to join as many relationships as they want until they meet a lovely couple.

Have you always wanted to have an extra person in your relationship for both of you with no strings attached? Find a unicorn on dating sites, and do not forget to check the rating.

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