What is the Difference Between Being Bi and Pansexual?

Bi and Pansexual

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a little different response to the above question. It seems that most members of the LGBTQ community are at odds with each other on the actual difference between being bisexual and being pansexual which creates certain difficulties on pansexual dating sites. So, we’re left to draw a conclusion on the factual evidence at hand and the views of the majority of the LGBT community. We’re disregarding views of people not falling into the sexualities mentioned due to the lack of personal experience with the subject.

By Definition

By definition, being bisexual means being sexually attracted to both male and female people alike, irrespective of their gender, permitting they’ve not undergone a sexual alteration. Pansexuality is slightly different; Pansexual people are attracted to anyone, irrespective of their gender or their gender at birth.

Pansexual people are more gender fluid due to their carefree dating nature and lack of a true preference in romantic partner; instead of selecting partners based on gender, they base their choice on the personality of all candidates to see who will be the best fit for them in the moment and long-term, arguably leading to much more favorable dating prospects overall long-term due to not only more prospective partners but never settling down with people who don’t meet all of their needs in a relationship.

The Real Issues

Many people think that being both bisexual and pansexual is the same thing when they’re two different things entirely, particularly to those who identify in that way. It’s best to know the facts before deeply offending someone regarding their sexuality; this is not only one of the main issues faced by the LGBTQ community but by the wider public as a whole. Too many people fail to learn the information and proceed to enter into unfactual passionate debates about the true definition of bisexuals and pansexuals.

Why are Misconceptions so Common?

Misconceptions between being pansexual and being bisexual come from a lack of education at school or a young age in our development. Without any education on the subject, it’s very difficult for people to ever have a true understanding of sexuality, especially when it’s such a pressing issue in today’s society. Although neither bisexuality or pansexuality are new terms, it seems that the education system largely neglects these areas leaving most people unaware of the true differences between the two sexualities.


With a lack of education comes unnecessary prejudice on people identifying In ways other than straight. While we can’t control the behavior of others, nipping prejudice behavior in the bud has been a proven way of effectively nullifying opposition to different sexualities and prejudice in general. This would be especially prevalent if done from a younger age. That way, the prejudiced behavior never manifests at an older age as the larger proportion of society simply wouldn’t stand for it.

Moving Forward

As time progresses, both the younger and older generations alike are having more exposure to pansexuality and bisexuality than ever before, leading to a wider acceptance in societies across the world than we’ve ever seen. If trends continue in this way, it’s not disproportionate to expect discrimination to be nearly at 0 in 10 years’ time, offering an abundance of hope for the future.

What do Most People Think?

Despite the huge amount of progress made over the past five years especially, only a small proportion of people know the exact differences between being bisexual and being pansexual. This shows us we’ve got quite a way to go still to educate the masses of people outside of the LGBTQ community, but with smartphones and social media being as popular as they are, showing no signs of slowing down, we can expect progress to increase rapidly, even more so with exposure to posts such as this. So, why not share this page with your friends unsure of the difference between in sexualities?

If you’ve got any questions or are still unsure on the difference between being bi and pansexual, send them to us online today on BestPolyDating.com, and we’ll answer them in our next post!